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Fixed Wing Air Ambulance

Pictured (L to R) in front 
            of CareFlite's King Air Fixed Wing Air Ambulance are Fred Tsosie, 
            Vice President of Business Development and Sarah Floch, 
            Fixed Wing Program Manager.
Pictured in front of CareFlite’s King Air Fixed Wing Air Ambulance is Sarah Floch, Fixed Wing Program Manager.

CareFlite’s fixed wing services can fly anywhere within the United States for emergent and non-emergent patient transport. CareFlite’s fixed wing service is available 24/7 by calling the Communications Center at 1-800-442-6260. Questions about the fixed wing program should be directed to Sarah Floch, CareFlite's Fixed Wing Program Manager, (817) 505-8100 or email sfloch@careflite.org.

The CareFlite fixed wing crew includes:
  • An experienced pilot with an Airline Transport Pilot certificate (the highest US rating)
  • A registered nurse with a minimum of five years critical care and/or emergency nursing experience and/or
  • A paramedic with at least four years of progressive 911 experience
  • The configuration of the medical crew may change based on the condition of the patient

The large cabin aircraft can transport one adult or one isolette (neonate) patient. The aircraft is also ideal for transplant teams and rapid delivery of organs.

CareFlite utilizes a King Air 90, a high-performance, twin engine, pressurized turboprop aircraft. King Airs are among the most widely accepted fixed wing aircraft used for air ambulance services. The aircraft is based at the Grand Prairie Airport and can pick up or deliver patients to any airport in the Metroplex. Other aircraft operated by other air carriers may be substituted as operationally necessary.