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Helicopter Safety and Landing Zone Procedures

To schedule a Landing Zone (LZ) safety class, or to identify pre-designated LZ locations in your city, LandingZone@CareFlite.org
Landing Zone (LZ) Criteria
  • 100' Wide X 100' Long
  • Level with a firm surface
  • Clear of sand, gravel and other debris
  • No power lines, trees, poles, buildings, or other overhead obstructions near or in the area
  • No vehicles or people within the zone
  • Avoid sloped areas
Landing Zone Safety

Marking the Landing Zone (LZ)
  • Weighted construction cones
  • Two vehicles with headlights crossed at the center of the LZ
  • Smoke canisters during daylight operations
  • Battery operated strobe lights
  • Cylume Chem-lite Sticks
  • Markings such as barrier tape, flag tape, etc. should not be used
Landing Zone Safety

LZ Coordinator Responsibilities
  • Command and secure the LZ
  • Establish radio contact with aircraft
  • Assist pilot in locating the LZ
  • Keep all bystanders 100' away form the LZ
  • Keep everyone away from the tail rotor
  • Contact pilot after landing to determine any safety issues
Helicopter Safety
  • Approach and depart the aircraft from the side only
  • Never walk around the tail rotor
  • Shield your eyes from rotorwash during landing and takeoff
  • Do not carry anything above your head
  • Do not approach the helicopter while the blades are turning unless instructed by the CareFlite crew
  • Do not run towards the aircraft, approach in a calm and slow manner
  • No smoking anywhere in the vicinity of the aircraft
  • The pilot and/or medical crew control activity around the aircraft
  • Secure loose items such as hats, clothing, stretcher sheets, and any other object light enough to be blown into the rotor blades
Landing Zone Safety Landing Zone Safety

For more information, or to schedule a Landing Zone (LZ) safety class, or to identify pre-designated LZ locations in your city, call 972-369-3493. Click here to submit an online LZ safety class request.