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Rhett Draehn -, Flight Paramedic, Nanci Nagel – Flight Nurse, and Larry Mynar visit with Alexa Eason at CareFlight’s Frisco Air Base (at the Frisco Fire Station on Legacy at Cotton Gin Road ) on Saturday, January 12, 2007.

Girl Impaled By Rebar Meets CareFlite Team

Denton County Girl Reunites With CareFlite Team That Helped Her

DALLAS (CBS 11 News) "Oh, I prayed for you ... thank you so much for coming to see us, you mean a lot."  There were plenty of hugs from little Alexa Eason to members of the CareFlite team who helped save her life five months ago. "I thought this child was going to die or if she didn't die, I didn’t think it would be a good outcome," admitted Nancy Nagel, a nurse paramedic who was on staff that day. “To know this kid is going to make a difference in this world. It's a gift. It's a gift from her parents and a gift from this little child." Alexa doesn't remember falling off her bicycle and onto the piece of rebar. On Saturday, the team showed her the actual helicopter that flew her to Baylor University Medical Center , where she was listed in critical condition for more than a week.

As Alexa continues her recovery, the medical crew knows she is special. "It is a miracle," said flight paramedic Rhett Draehn, who also tended to the girl moments after her injury. "You know, when we picked her up, we thought, 'it's not going to be good.' "

Peggy Eason say her daughter's recovery is slow and more surgeries are inevitable. The mother knows the reason the girl is alive today is because of the dedicated work of these CareFlite members. "You know, that they miss birthday parties to be there for your child. How can you thank someone for that? They saved her life." One of those surgeries is scheduled for February when doctors will reconstruct Alexa's skull. Her mother hopes Alexa will be able to attend school this year -- even if it's only for a few hours. "She apparently is one strong kid and definitely overcame the odds," Nagel adds. 

Alexa’s father Fred Eason with other CareFlite crew members.


Flight Paramedic Rhett Draehn being interviewed by Channel 11.


Alexa with Medical Crew Members Rhett Draehn, Flight Paramedic  and Nanci Natel, Flight Nurse.


Our thanks to Channel 11, KVTV for covering the reunion. It was shown Saturday night 1/12/08 on all of the station’s news casts. The video is incredible. Here is the link: http://cbs11tv.com/local/rebar.reunion.CareFlite.2.628508.html